Stop Pet Urine Smell In Carpets

Pet ownership is wonderful, but that cute indoor dog or fluffy kitty will create a pet urine smell in the home without these sweet smelling tips.

Urine smell from pets can ruin the most beautiful of homes. What makes dealing with pet urine smell from cats and dogs especially difficult, is that after just a few weeks, the unsuspecting pet owner can become completely desensitized to the smell, not realizing how offensive it really is to visiting family and friends.

Pet urine smell goes beyond homeowner embarrassment. If you are considering putting your home on the market; that offensive odor will directly affect the sale price.

In fact, the immediate course of action for professional stagers is to suggest ripping out carpet that has suffered from a pet’s incontinence. More often then not, a soiled carpet from a cat or dog will make the home more difficult to sell, or sell at a reduced price.

Start Pet Training Early
The initial course of action is to apply the old saying, “Prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Begin house training your pet as soon as it comes home. Young dogs and cats are a lot like toddlers in that training must be clear and consistent with rewards for good behavior. Provide a litter box for a cat that is private with easy access; for the dog, a paper station or consistent schedule of outside visits.

In the first few days of training, establish a schedule that does not require your pet to “hold it” for unreasonable periods of time. Determine how you will teach disapproval for accidents to avoid sneaky pee patterns when your four legged friend disapproves of your absence or lack of attention.

Be a Urine Smell Sleuth
Don’t be deceived, ask trusted friends and family when they visit, if they notice a urine smell in the home. If the answer is “Yes” don’t be offended, it may not be a rug assaulting peeing pet, but an overlooked source.

Possible overlooked areas could include:

An indoor pet kennel that needs a good cleaning
A favorite chew toy or towel that has seen too many miles
A liter box that needs attention
A door rug that marks the frequent exit and entry of the pet
Home Treatments for Pet Urine Smell
There are two aspects to cleaning up urine smells. The first is dealing with the physical spot or stain. The second is eliminating the offensive odor. Immediate treatment, just like dealing with any other stain or spill, is always the first plan of attack. Once the stain has settled into the carpet, it will be more difficult to treat effectively.

Though there are fantastic products on the market for pet accidents, there are home made treatments for pet pee that may not work as well, but will do in a pinch.

For pet urine odors, mix one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts water and saturate the soiled area with the mixture. The trick here is to not rub it into the carpet but allow the liquid to seep into the carpet. Wait five to ten minutes and then blot the spot up using a shammy, white cotton or paper towel.

Here is another home made mix, if hydrogen peroxide is not to be found. Combine one cup vinegar, one-eighth cup of dishwashing detergent and three tablespoons of vinegar. Stir, do not shake the mixture. to avoid bubbles and apply to carpet, again without rubbing and blotting as directed with the hydrogen peroxide recipe.

Recently soiled spots are best removed with dry Borax. Treat the spot while it is still wet by gently rubbing the Borax into the spot. The Borax will immediately begin absorbing the moisture and grabbing the stain. Allow this treatment to completely dry and then vacuum it up. This treatment also works great on upholstery and bedding.

Cats and dogs are wonderful companions, but they should be seen, not smelled. Pet urine smell from cats and dogs can be prevented with early training and quick cleanups to maintain a fresh scent for every member of the family.