Permanent Fake Eyelashes – What’s Your Type?

There are so many different looks that can be achieved with permanent fake eyelashes. You will have a lot of fun making your choices and with your new look, you’re probably going to have a lot more fun afterwards too! In many ways, getting permanent fake eyelashes is like choosing a new hair style, and all the same rules apply. So, what are you going for? Natural, sexy or sassy? Certain lashes suit eye shapes better than others. Some will enhance, and some will change them entirely! Here’s a quick rundown on what can be achieved.

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are wide in the centre. The upper and lower curve of the iris is slightly hidden. The most distinctive feature however is the elegant point at the end of the lash line. If you are lucky enough to have almond eyes, then most styles are going to look fantastic on you. The Russian 3d or 6D permanent lashes with lots of volume will look just as amazing as the more natural, softer mink lashes.

Round Eyes

The most distinct feature of round eyes is you can see just about all the iris. High volume permanent lashes tend to make round eyes seem smaller and somewhat flat looking. Curly lashes suit this eye shape the best giving them an almost doll like look.

Epicanthic Eyes

Asian eyes are usually epicanthic which simply put, means there is no crease on the upper eyelid. This eye shape can cope with heavier styles like the Russian 3D and 6D which open the eyes to create an amazing fluttery, multi-layered look.

Close Set Eyes

Close set eyes are defined by the distance between the eyes being less than the width of the eyes. The best approach here is to accentuate the outer edges with long thick lashes to lengthen the eyes – Taking the emphasis away from the centre and outwards.

Hooded Eyes

Fluttery long lashes concentrated in the centre create the best results for those with hooded eyes. Get it wrong and your eyes will actually look smaller – Probably not the look you want to achieve.

Upturned Eyes

Because the outer corners are higher than the inner corners upturned eyes can be given an amazing “cat eye” look by applying thicker lashes to the outer corners.

Deep Set Eyes

Extra long and curly lashes look amazing on deep set eyes, which tend to be larger than life naturally. Without doubt, if you have deep set eyes you can really go for that sexy and sassy look!

For the most, the important rule of thumb with permanent fake eyelashes is to enhance what nature gave you. Accepting the reality of your face shape and eyes will help you make the right decision with regards to achieving that – Remember, it is like a hair style. That mid length bob might look great on your best friend, but you could end up looking like a Lego woman. There are so many different lengths, curls and volumes available it can be confusing – The team at are fully experienced and can help you make the right decision. Make the right choice, start by giving them a call!