Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stoves

Multi fuel wood burning bargain stoves are stoves that resemble the look of a wood burning type of stove. The stoves include a grate, convenient for burning fires, and an ash pan that can be easily removed. The stoves are branded as multi fuel because they are capable of burning coal, peat, wood, and wood pellets. The great advantage to owning a multi fuel stove, is that is can be used to heat an area or to cook on, and it can be used as double boiler. Multi fuel stoves can also be used for trekking and camping purposes, and do come in portable sizes. Portable stoves can burn fuel such as petrol, white gas, or kerosene, but it depends on the type of stove as to which type of fuel is burned in it. Most multi fuel stoves are very cost efficient for the home, and saves customers each month on their electricity bill.

Multi fuel wood burning stoves provide customers the opportunity of using different types of fuels as long as the stoves are EPA certified. Some of the stoves are pre-programmed already to use different types of fuels, and are equipped with buttons for auto starting of the stove. For the people that use pellets in the stove, they will find that the pellets are a better type of energy source to use, providing less C02 than carbon dioxide emissions. A more appropriate and economical way to use a multifuel stove is to burn wood in it. Burning wood saves users on higher bills, but the user must know the correct way to burn the wood in order to be more economically efficient. A new type of fuel that can be used in multifuel stoves is corn. Corn is said to be much better than wood and helps to save on electricity tremendously.

Some brands of multi fuel stoves are Greenfields, Ashby, Auburn, Element- MF, and Lincoln SCS. The Greenfield brand of stove is made of cast iron, and is great for saving on energy. It has a window display, making it a great product for the customer to view the fire burning inside. The Ashby stove is great for keeping any type of room warm. It is easy to clean, equipped with digital controls, making it convenient for the customer to control the heat in any room. The Auburn stove, made of strong cast iron, contains a 90 pound hopper, and is a very reliable source of heat. The Element, is an ideal stove, great for using in smaller spaces such as cabins and other spaces. It has a 50 pound hopper, and is energy efficient. The Lincoln stove, one of the largest ones available, has a great viewing area for the customer to view the fire as it is burning. The Lincoln offers warmth and comfort for the home and its users. Multi fuel stoves offer convenience and comfort for any type of home, and is great for keeping smaller to larger spaces well heated in the home.