Is Buying a Cheap Bed Online a Good Idea?

If you’ve thought that buying a bed online is a bad idea, we urge you to think again. As you can see in this post, surprisingly, unlike buying clothes and shoes online, you will be delighted to find that buying a mattress online is quick and effortless. And here are a few reasons why you should consider buying your next mattress online.


Customer satisfaction surveys show that reviews of stores online and in retail are the same. This might come as a shocker to many people. But as it turns out the buyers who didn’t test out their mattresses were just as happy as those who bought their mattresses from the store. Results from recent surveys showed though that statistically speaking, there was no significant difference in the buying experience.

Individual Characteristics

Just like people, no two mattresses are exactly alike. Even when comparing to identical mattresses there will be slight differences and some slight inconsistencies. So it would not really matter whether you have bought the mattress online or you went to the store to buy it.

Showroom vs Real Life

This should actually go without saying but the mattress you have tried in the store will not feel the same once it arrives at your home. Why? Because the mattress you tried in the store has been tested, laid on, bounced on and rolled on while it is in the store, giving it a slightly more worn in feeling. The mattress which you have bought will be brand new and it could take a couple of months to wear to the point where it feels the same as the one you tried in the store. Having said this, when you opt to buy a mattress online, you won’t get a chance to try the mattress so you also won’t be disappointed when it arrived not feeling the same as when you tried it out.

Real Life Distractions

When you head into the store you might find that you are easily distracted, there are a million things which can take your mind off your new purchase. This will not give you the proper opportunity to test the mattress out to find what you like. At home, you will not have those distractions and you can sit down on your own time and chose the right mattress.


Memory foam, in particular, is affected by temperature. Lower temperatures make a mattress firmer while higher temperatures make a mattress softer. If your home has a different temperature from the store, you will find that your mattress doesn’t feel exactly like how it felt at the store.

Pushy salesperson

You might also find that you have walked into a store with a pushy salesperson, could there be anything more irritating? If you feel as though you are forced into a purchase you are more than likely to succumb to it. This means you will be going home with a mattress you might not really like. At home, there are no pushy sales people and you can take your time in selecting the perfect mattress.