How To Enjoy Heavenly Sleep

Your bedroom is your personal space where you rest, meditate and do virtually anything you consider personal. As such, it should be your haven, designed to offer you utmost comfort and suit your tastes and preferences. To do this, you need to start with your idea of the ideal heavenly bed. You can buy beds online from the Bed Market if you have trouble finding a bed locally.

Here are some tips for designing a literary dreamy bed.

  • Consider the looks

The bed should be appealing to the eye and soft to the touch. As such, start with looking for the ideal bed frame and headboard. There are numerous styles and designs in the market – you can go with today’s trendy designs, settle for the good old classics, or have a custom made one according to your tastes.

You can also complement the design with a few accessories such as shams and scarfs – they should add colour and complement the theme of the bed’s design.

At the end of the day, the bed’s appearance should make you feel calm and relaxed.

  • Comfortable mattress and pillow

While the bed frame holds the mattress, the mattress holds you. As such, ensure it is comfortable to avoid bad aches and fatigue in the mornings. Ensure the mattress’ material is soft, plush, and comfortable – go for wool, cotton, memory foam or latex, as these are the best materials. You can even add to the comfort using a featherbed or mattress pad made from feathers, wool, or even special bamboo fabric beds.

Ensure the pillow is also gentle and comfortable to support your head in the ideal sleeping position. This will save your neck aches.

  • Beddings

The beddings should not only regulate ideal temperature levels during the different seasons but also feel soft and smooth to the skin for comfort.

For the sheets, focus on the material used rather than the thread count. The recommended materials for comfort are cotton, percale, batiste, and even linen if you do not mind the extra cost. The blankets should also be warm in addition to comfort. For the hot seasons, go with materials such as cashmere, cotton, and silk since they offer moderate warmth. For the cold seasons, cotton fleece, wool, and flannel are recommended to keep the chill out.

Alternatively, you can go with a comforter and duvet cover and save yourself all the trouble. Unlike blankets, comforters are ideal for both warm and cold seasons and are much softer and cosier. However, they also come at an extra cost but then you do not have to buy two sets for different seasons. Among other things, consider the fill power this the higher it is then the larger and better the comforter is.

Additionally, try to make the bed lively by adding some colour and patterns. Beddings tend to be plain, but there are many others of diverse colours and patterns, which will simply make your bed breath taking.


These tips are guaranteed to make your bed the ultimate heavenly bed – you are assured of a good night sleep, every night.