How to Decorate Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds are a beautiful addition to any bedroom, as they fit both modern and very traditional decors alike. While your sleigh bed is beautiful all on its own, there are things that you can do to highlight its beauty even further. How you choose to personalize your sleigh bed is up to you, but there a few methods that you can use and tweak to fit your own style.

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Step 1
Choose bedding that accents the style of your sleigh bed. Warm, dark reds and purples work best with more traditionally styled sleigh beds, while crisp whites and creams compliment sleeker, more modern styles.

Step 2
Use furniture paint to create decorative accents to the bed’s frame. With a thin paint brush and some furniture paint, highlight the carved lines and shapes in your bed’s design.

Step 3
Add a romantic touch to your sleigh bed with an overhead canopy. Screw decorative towel rings to the ceiling in each corner over the sleigh bed. Form a swag by loosely pulling a long piece of fabric through the rings to create a beautiful accent above the bed.

Step 4
Run curtains over decorative curtain rods and hang them from the ceiling around the perimeter of the bed with clip rings. Use curtains that run all the way to the floor to create a dramatic and elegant look for your sleigh bed.

Step 5
Create decorative storage under your sleigh bed. Measure the available space beneath the bed. Place baskets, canvas storage boxes or other stylish containers under the bed. Choose colors that contrast with the color of the bed’s wood.