How to Buy Property in Spain Safely

For may people, buying properties in Spain and moving to a new country where the sun shines is a dream that will give them the perfect holiday home or even a new life in a place that is well known
for its quality of life. These are some of the things you need to take into account in order to buy property safely in Spain.

Do not think that the process of buying property in Spain and a place like Costa Blanca is the same as that one in your own country. Laws might be similar but they are not the same. You should therefore be more cautious than you would in your country. Be sure to triple check everything and also be skeptical until all aspects of your intended property have been proven to you.

Understand Spanish property law. There is a distinction between urbanizado and fully urbanizado. These two define the nature of the property that you want to buy and if it is going to be legal and also free of potential state imposed liabilities.

You should use a conveyancing lawyer. It is unbelievable how many people only see a Javea estate agent and do not see the use of an attorney when it comes to buying property in Spain. This course of action is going to have devastating consequences. If you decide to use a lawyer, get one that speaks your language fluently. All the advice they give you should be in writing and keep a copy with you safely.

Do not sign anything unless your lawyer is there with you. This might seem pretty obvious but a lot of people sign documents without even understanding their meaning. You should also realize that your agent is not your friend but a salesman. Their main aim is to gain a sale and earn a commission.

With this in mind, you are sure to get the right property and go through all the legal process of acquiring it.