How Food can Calm Your Nerves

The to-do list expands too fast; the pressures from work will have you tear your hair out; Regardless of the cause, we turn to diet-busting goodies for comfort during stressful times in our life. It could become a total disaster, as the body’s insulin response kicks in and causes a sudden blood sugar drop that triggers the release of stress hormones. Instead of soothing your frayed nerves, the amount of food digested will make you feel despondent rather than calm about your situation.

Tips for better snacks:
1. Munch on any type of berry; the carbs in berries turn to sugar very slowly, and in turn will eliminate a blood-sugar crash. Berries also hold a good source of vitamin C, which helps fight a jump in cortisol; a stress hormone, inside the body.
2. Eat guacamole or just avocados, which are loaded with vitamin B that is needed in the body to maintain nerves and brain cells.
3. Add an ounce of mixed nuts; Walnuts will replenish your stress-depleted vitamin B, and help to control cholesterol. Brazil nuts will give you required zinc intake, and almonds will boost your vitamin E. Remember, to buy nuts in the shell, as the struggle to opening them up will release tension built-up inside the body.
4. Peel an orange. The five-minute break of peeling an orange will ease your mind, and give your body the much needed 1000 milligrams of vitamin C as well.