A Decorative Cure for Colour Phobia

Some people have a natural affinity for colour and it shows up in the way they decorate their homes. Other people avoid colour like the plague and decorate their home in white or beige. It’s not that they don’t like colour; it’s that they are not confident of their ability to integrate colour into their decor. The result of colour phobia is a home that looks dull and lifeless but there is no reason why every amateur decorator cannot embrace colour. Here are some easy tips that will have your interiors looking vivid and chic in no time at all.

A Simple Triad of Colour

Colour can seem overwhelming just because there are so many to choose from as well as a huge choice of paints. An easy way to go is to work with just three colours: One of these colours can be a neutral that you already have, such as white or beige, and then just add two more colours to complete your colour palette. Here are some ideas to consider: Add brown and teal blue to cream; add pale pink and tan to ivory; try grassy green with navy blue and white; or add red and black to white. Using colours in this way let’s you stay within your comfort zone of a neutral colour, but adds some bolder colour to the mix. And by working within a palette of just three colours, you don’t need to worry about causing colour clashes.

Start with Baby Steps

Rather than trying to paint an entire room or wall in a new colour or bringing in furniture with vivid colours, start with baby steps. That is, bring colour into a room in small doses. Accessories and fabrics provide the perfect medium for doing this. For example, if you have a white couch with beige pillows, swap those pillows for red pillows instead. Bring in an area rug in black, red and white and add a grouping of candles to the table in black and red. Curtain panels can also add a dose of red or black – or both through pattern – and tie the entire look together. Just a small amount of colour that is brought into a room, through a vase of poppies or a pair of black wall grilles, for example, can help you get over your fear of colour. Or choose a colourful wooden wall art or large modern wall art to bring an artist’s interpretation of colour to your bland walls. When you see that contrast and colour make a room more attractive, you’ll be hooked and motivated to do more.

Get Inspired by the Pros

Sometimes it helps to see how professional decorators use colour; then you can translate their ideas into your own space. Decor magazines and websites as well as TV shows are a great source for ideas and pre-designed rooms that you can imitate. You can also visit furniture stores and model homes that have been professionally staged; this will give you some ideas on how to put rooms together and combine colours in a pleasing fashion. To make these rooms feel like your own, choose those that have a style that appeals to you and copy those ideas that you really love; then add a few personal touches to make it unique.